About the Circular Furniture Hub

Swire Properties has partnered with Sustainable Office Solutions (SOS), a sustainable asset management
specialist, to offer Taikoo Place and Pacific Place tenants an exclusive office furniture redistribution and project impact reporting solution.  With aims to give unwanted office furniture a second life and contribute to a circular economy, the initiative is part of the Company’s ongoing sustainable development efforts to reduce waste, as well as to help decarbonise and limit global warming to 1.5°C.

Swire Properties’ office tenants looking to relocate or refurbish their premises can engage SOS’ services to redistribute unwanted office furniture and equipment, with an ISO-compliant project impact report submitted at the end of each project. Tenants may also wish to purchase high-quality,
premium-brand furniture at cost from a dedicated showroom sponsored by Swire Properties to be
offered exclusively for its tenants.

About Swire Properties

Swire Properties develops and manages commercial, retail, hotel and residential properties, with a particular focus on mixed-use developments in prime locations at major mass transportation intersections. Swire Properties is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and its investment portfolio in Hong Kong comprises Taikoo Place, Pacific Place, Cityplaza and Citygate. The Company’s completed portfolio in Hong Kong comprises approximately 15.8 million sq ft (approximately 1.5 million sqm) of space.

Visit www.swireproperties.com to learn more.

About Sustainable Office Solutions (SOS)

Sustainable Office Solutions Limited offers a specialised service that works with corporations and property management companies to facilitate a circular economy of office assets. The streamlined process is tailored to divert furniture waste from landfills during office relocation and renovation. Data such as weight and carbon reduction from the project is
recorded in the impact report to support clients’ sustainability strategies and goals.

Visit sos-action.com to learn more.